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What charcoal is best for drawing?

Charcoal is available in natural willow sticks and vine charcoal, and compressed charcoal of different qualities in stick or pencil form. Charcoal pencils are a mixture of charcoal and graphite with an oily binder, giving it a velvety smooth feel. Charcoal and compressed pencils vary in texture depending on the mixture of charcoal, clay, and putty used to make them. Ideally, it's best to buy a small selection to try, as preference is a matter of personal taste.

Coal Winsor and Newton Willow

The additional cost of Winsor & Newton Willow Charcoal is worth the price. It is a luxurious charcoal that offers beautiful velvety grays and cleans with the touch of a finger or suede leather. (When drawing with this there is a great temptation to use your fingers.) This is a very high quality charcoal that should be saved for special occasions.

Coates Willow Charcoal Premium Artist

Willow charcoal produces soft, subtle grays that are easy to remove. The natural variations of the willow tree can create variations in texture and tone. Coates is a former UK charcoal manufacturer that produces a good quality, reliable product. Their coals are affordable and available in different thicknesses, including a box of assorted rods.

General's Charcoal Pencils

Standard wood pencils with charcoal mixing cores, General's charcoal pencils deliver good deep blacks. They have a very dry, almost abrasive feel, blend easily with a stump of paper, and rub off quite easily. Crayons 4B and 6B are preferable because 2B is quite hard and tends to scratch.

Wolff charcoal pencil

Made from a mixture of charcoal and graphite, Wolff charcoal pencils have a softer, almost greasy feel than charcoal pencils. They offer beautiful velvety blacks, stainable but less than charcoal. They are an ideal holder for sketchbooks because they are so much cleaner to use.

Conte Compressed Carbon

Compressed charcoal bars are the mainstay of nameux charcoal artists, providing versatile and expressive support for all kinds of charcoal drawings, especially figure drawing. Compressed carbons give rich, smooth blacks that can be blended but adhere well to the design surface, although they can be difficult to erase, depending on the paper. Conte offers a homogeneous product in different hardnesses. Try to start with a medium, smooth, and very smooth start.

General's Coal Parts

Fun Moment - General's Charcoal Chunks are just that - 8-ounce pieces of art-grade charcoal. This material is ideal for large expressive spaces where you want to quickly place on loads of charcoal, for large expressive marks. Note that large, expressive drawing with thick, uneven charcoal pieces will likely require a fairly sturdy paper, such as heavy brown kraft paper or watercolor paper.

Cretacolor charcoal drawing set

The Cretacolor charcoal drawing set offers a good chance to try out a charcoal drawing technique set if you buy too much of a chosen one. The set also makes a great gift. Set contains charcoal and Nero pencils, graphite rods, five-grade compressed charcoal, willow charcoal, charcoal block, kneaded eraser and twist Nero pencils are very similar to charcoal pencils, with oily waxes that give a smooth, rich line. Tinned sets are particularly organization-friendly. Artists who prefer to leave their tools strewn on their desks or put them in other containers may find it cheaper to buy inventory in bulk.

General's Coal

General brand products are generally considered reliable. Charcoal powder is generally used for transferring patterns and jumps, but it is also popular with art students for practical and expressive large-scale charcoal drawing. Expect a disaster.

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