Digital Art Bootcamp - CLASS 1.1 (FREE TUTORIAL!)

Digital Art Bootcamp - CLASS 1.1 (FREE TUTORIAL!) (1)

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Digital Art Bootcamp - CLASS 1.1 (FREE TUTORIAL!)

Hey guys! At this point you've all heard about my digital art bootcamp over on Patreon. We're four months in and it has been such an amazing experience seeing so many of my students grow and improve. 🥰 Since this is about the halfway point for the entire course, I wanted to make sure that anyone still on the fence knew exactly what to expect from my classes. This video is the full 2.5 hour course video from class 1.1. BUT if you sign up for the bootcamp you not only receive a full video in the style you see here, but also a classic speedpaint video, a patron "quicktique" video, project psd files, a tutorial sheet/guide, a brush pack, and a discount code to my store! ❤️

Enjoy The Video Tutorial!

Source: Ross Draws

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Digital Art Bootcamp - CLASS 1.1 (FREE TUTORIAL!)

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