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What kind of paint do you use with a palette knife?

When you envision an artist working on a painting, you are probably envisioning him using a paintbrush. But you can also create beautiful works of art with spatulas. These tools are commonly used to mix colors, but they also work well as a single painting tool. And even beginners can use this technique, as spatula painting is great for making abstract art.

If you are unfamiliar with this style of painting, you probably don't know it by name. Impasto painting, which refers to art sculpted with thick, textured brushstrokes, is commonly done with a spatula. (It was one of Bob Ross' favorite tools too!)

Using a putty knife allows you to add layers of paint without waiting for a layer to dry completely, depending on how you apply the paint. These tools are also very versatile and easy to clean.

Pallet knives come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but a basic set is all you need to get started. You can find plastic pallet knives, but metal blades with wooden handles last much longer and are still inexpensive.

You'll also need something for mixing and collecting the paint. A traditional artist's palette is ideal, but you can use a paint tray with larger flat surfaces or even a disposable sheet. The more colors you want to work on at the same time, the more space you should have to work.

We used acrylic paint for this tutorial, but you can use this technique on oil paintings as well. And don't be afraid to experiment while working with spatulas. As with anything else, playing and practicing go hand in hand to improve a new skill.

Ready to spread paint on a canvas (or even a piece of hardboard or wood)?

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about How to paint with palette knife

Source: Tatiana Zubova - artist

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