How to Hang Wall Art Like a Pro


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How do you hang art with hanging wire?

Cables and D-rings are the best accessories for hanging a picture because they are not only sturdy but also easy to install and adjust. There are three types of image cables. Choosing the correct type depends on the size of the image.


Braided: As the name suggests, it is made up of galvanized steel strands that have been braided together. Braided wire is easy to cut and tie. It is sold in different concentrations. The thicker the cable, the heavier the image it can carry, up to a maximum of 36 pounds.

Stainless Steel - This picture wire consists of steel strands that twist together under tension. It is stronger than stranded wire, but less flexible. It is best for hanging very large and heavy frames up to 100 pounds.

Vinyl Coated - This is stainless steel picture wire with a soft vinyl coating on the outside. It is gentler on the hands and delicate hanging surfaces, but almost as strong as stainless steel. Can hang pictures up to 60 pounds.

D-rings look a bit like a belt buckle attached to a metal strip with screw holes. They are designed so that they can be mounted flush with the back of the picture frame. The rings themselves point inward to connect the length of the image cable. Like imaging cables, D-rings come in a variety of sizes. The heavier your artwork, the bigger the rings will be.

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