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How do you use acrylic paint for beginners?

Acrylic paint is a huge tool in a craftsman / DIY enthusiast's supply kit. Not only is it available in an incredible variety of colors, including fun finishes like glitter and neon, but it has many more benefits. Also, it works great for a variety of projects. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about acrylic paint, but never thought to ask. You will be completely ready to use this DIY supply for your next project.

The advantages of acrylic paint

Unlike oil paint, acrylic paint can be quickly and easily removed with just soap and water. Makes cleaning much easier; comes off hands and brushes with just a quick wash. We have mentioned all the cool colors before, but it bears repeating. You don't have to sacrifice color for your projects if you want to use acrylic. It also dries much faster than oil paints, so you can prevent small projects from taking too long. One more thing to mention, acrylic paint generally costs less than other types of paints like oils.

How to use

You may think that acrylic paint is easy to use, so why not start painting right away? While this is a pretty normal way to manage, some other little tips and tricks can make the experience and the finished project even better. Since acrylic paint dries so quickly, it can be a bit tricky if you're painting a large area. While you want to paint in a constant direction, you don't want to go over your existing paint job and scoop out chunks of semi-dry paint with your brush. This will totally ruin the finish.

When using acrylic paint, you should also take brush strokes into account. To reduce its appearance, it is sometimes better to use a foam brush. Plus, being patient and working in multiple layers to build the finish also helps add a beautiful finished product. Although acrylic paint can dry to the touch in 15 minutes depending on the surface, allow each coat of paint to dry for about an hour before moving on to the next coat. Unlike spray paint, it also has little odor, so you can use it indoors without the need for additional equipment like a respirator.

Here are the surfaces you can paint with acrylic paint: wood, glass, metal, and fabric. Acrylic paint is generally non-toxic and can withstand some indoor/outdoor conditions, so it works great if you paint nice flower pots or planters.

Mix colors

If you want a more custom look, instead of buying what is available, use base colors and mix primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) to create secondary colors (green, purple, and orange), to darken your colors add black to clarify them add white. It is very nice and fun to play with custom colors. If you are not done with color yet, cover it tightly with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator, this will help it last a bit longer.

Fun ways to apply acrylic paint

You can do more than just apply acrylic paint! You can also layer colors for effects like stripes or cool geometric patterns using painter's tape. Yes, it is more than painting walls and trims. Start by painting your surface in the lightest color you want to use. Let it dry completely, then cut the piece of the next color you want to use with painter's tape. You want to use your medium shade but not the darkest. Let it dry and repeat the process with your darkest color. You want your darker color to last because fewer coats will be needed to cover the lighter colors. You can add a really cool effect to a project! Also, using painter's tape with acrylic paint will allow you to create really sharp and clear lines.

Another great way to use it on a variety of surfaces is to use a stencil. You can stencil a piece of wood, paper, fabric, and even a glass surface. You will want to use an opaque brush and apply the color on the stencil.

With so many options to use, you'll want to get yourself some tubes of acrylic paint for your next projects!

Enjoy The Video Tutorial about Acrylic Painting TIPS for Beginners - How to GET STARTED

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