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Everyone has a different way of celebrating the holidays. Some go full blast, wear a different “ugly” Christmas sweater for each December day, dress their hallways (and the entire exterior of their house) with more lights than Paris, and practice making a cork stopper. perfect on New Year's Eve. . Others prefer a more subtle approach, barely dabbling in the traditional red and green hues of the season, preferring hints of glitter to the holidays on the face. The same goes for Christmas nails.

If you imagine your fingernails covered in cheerful three-dimensional patterns, maybe a cotton-bearded Santa Claus and all his reindeer, with pointy horns and a lit nose for Rudolph, don't stop. Do you prefer simple Christmas nails like a layer of silver glitter that will carry you through the winter until 2022? Your polishing options are endless.

There really isn't a bad way to do Christmas nail art, but if you're struggling to decide which manicure to wear for those cheerful last two weeks of the year, we've rounded up some of our favorites. Get inspired by the best nail artists on Instagram, fabulous Fashion Week, the hands of our own editors, and more. You will find the perfect Christmas mani depending on your particular spirit level.

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source:  Gabby Angelique

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